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Single moms find here dating and relationship advice, tips on how to live on a budget, how to eat and live healthy and valuable parenting advice. We get tired of being the only one remembering multiple different sizes of ... I've been so since I was a child, when I would happily shut myself in my room for hours, reading and writing to my heart's content.

Single mothers also find here help, tips and resources on financial aid for education, scholarships, grants, loans, information on support with basic necessities, affordable housing, assistance and health care, child care, child support and legal information, and many more. Before I had children, when I was in my very young twenties, I ...

I am on Jobseeker’s Allowance but we have had no money for five weeks so we’ve been relying on foodbanks and borrowing from family and friends.

“Politicians need to understand that we are not lazy people.

Our families and friends were together for this important event.

John, has been to me, the Lord took me back to a Friday night in 1991...

That was the night I became faithful to my husband-to-be, not having met him yet.

Families with more than two children have been particularly affected, and High Court Judge Mr Justice Collins warned in June that it was unlawful and was causing “real damage” to single-parent families.

The Government launched its appeal against that ruling two weeks ago.

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The group is keen to hear from more Bradford people who are experiencing poverty as a result of welfare changes. One of the organisers, Dr Ruth Patrick from the University of Liverpool, said: “It is so important to hear firsthand the impacts of poverty and welfare reform on parents and their families.